Pilates focuses on mindful movement to help increase your stability and mobility, suppleness, elasticity and strength. Learn how pilates can give your rider fitness a leg up and improve your effectiveness in the saddle.

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  • Pilates Foundation Class

    This is a multi-directional, full body foundation class that focuses on mobility, stability, suppleness and strength promoting greater awareness, balance and connection in the saddle. This class is designed to flow seamlessly into the second class for a longer, more challenging workout.

  • Hip Mobility Class

    This class has a focus on hip joint mobility and function, lateral strength and stability. It helps to create a deeper, more supple seat and more efficient and effective leg aids.

  • Fascia-Focused Class

    This is a fascia focused class that expands and elasticizes facia for greater suppleness, dynamic stability and adaptability in the saddle.

  • Posture Improvement Class

    This class can help you to improve both your posture and the suppleness of your seat with a rhythmical hip mobility sequence, core stability and back strengthening exercises.

  • Multi-Directional Class

    This is a multi-directional class that includes functional strengthening exercises, challenging core stability and balance sequences with a continual focus on hip and spinal mobility, suppleness and elasticity.

  • Lateral Stability Class

    This class challenges lateral stability and strengthens the shoulders and back for greater rider self-carriage and influence. It also includes a rhythmical strengthening exercise that improves lower leg stability, core and pelvic stability and strength.

  • Body Awareness, Pilates For Dressage - Part 1

    Janice Dulak brings us a video on Pilates for Dressage, working with Grand Prix rider Sarah Martin.  Janice first looks for asymmetry in her body and talks about how that affects her riding. They first work on the reformer to stabilize her spine with direction from Janice.  All the movements are ...

  • Body Awareness, Pilates For Dressage - Part 2

    This intriguing demonstration of Pilates continues with work to improve an independent seat, working her abs and inner thighs.  They next roll up like a ball which helps with a tight lower back.  They demonstrate the wonder chair and we are able to see how her shoulders have leveled out through t...

  • Body Awareness, Pilates For Dressage - Part 3

    They now use the Pilates work while mounted.  When they being, Sarah shows a tight lower back without engaged abs. As her hips move, her lower back is long and her abs engage, the horse changes his topline.  They demonstrate how to engage the hind end of the horse by her body position.  They go t...