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Riding a 10-meter Circle Warmup Part 1


Up Next in Second Level

  • Riding a 10-meter Circle Warmup Part 2

    As the warmup continues, Olivia moves on to trot and works on making both sides as even as possible. In the canter, she wants the horse to push up in her topline. The goal is trying to keep the same ratio of forward energy to connection with the reins. In addition, she wants to find the causes of...

  • Riding a 10-meter circle

    Once warmed up, Olivia demonstrates the 10-meter circle in canter. The proper amount of bend will allow you to just see the inside eye. She compares it to driving two cars parallel to each other around a turn. You must ride so that the horse is equal in both reins and on both sides.

  • Schooling the Second Level Horse

    Olivia coaches a rider working on second level movements, including 10-meter circles. In the trot, she emphasizes using shoulder fore in both directions to engage the inside hind leg. In the 10-meter circles in canter, she stresses keeping the horse on the outside aids throughout while keeping th...