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Riding a 10-meter Circle Warmup Part 2


Up Next in Second Level

  • Riding a 10-meter circle

    Once warmed up, Olivia demonstrates the 10-meter circle in canter. The proper amount of bend will allow you to just see the inside eye. She compares it to driving two cars parallel to each other around a turn. You must ride so that the horse is equal in both reins and on both sides.

  • Schooling the Second Level Horse

    Olivia coaches a rider working on second level movements, including 10-meter circles. In the trot, she emphasizes using shoulder fore in both directions to engage the inside hind leg. In the 10-meter circles in canter, she stresses keeping the horse on the outside aids throughout while keeping th...

  • Walking the Magic Square

    Grand Prix competitor AnnA Buffini shows how to introduce your horse to the idea of riding a square. Practicing it at a walk shows your horse tendencies but gives you more time to adjust compared to doing it at a canter. The goal is for the horse to be straight on the lines and bending through th...