Dressage Today OnDemand

Dressage Today OnDemand

Whether you’re looking to better your basics, receive classical dressage training or polish Grand Prix movements, Equestrian+’s complete video-on-demand dressage training online resource powered by Dressage Today OnDemand can help you reach your goals. Learn from our 70-plus experts for less than the cost of a lesson! Search for your favorite coach or by training topic.

Dressage Today OnDemand
  • Movements
    18 seasons


    18 seasons

    Learn more about specific movements, from training and fine-tuning to troubleshooting.

  • Levels
    9 seasons


    9 seasons

    Find training geared toward a specific level, from Intro to Grand Prix.

  • Rider Position and Aids

    405 items

    Improve your body position and effectiveness of your aids with help from the Equestrian+ coaches.

  • Dressage Problem Solving

    31 items

  • Breeds
    48 items


    48 items

    Explore the basic dressage fundamentals that can benefit all breeds and types of horses.

  • USDF E-Learning

    19 seasons

    Welcome to USDF eLearning! Supplement your dressage knowledge with exclusive access to USDF events including full-length videos from the Adequan®/USDF FEI-Level Trainers Conferences and USDF Sport Horse Prospect Development Forums. USDF members can receive education credits toward USDF University...

  • Dressage General

    151 items

    Watch barn tours, interviews and more featuring your favorite Equestrian+ dressage coaches.

  • Para Dressage

    21 items

    As with all dressage, para dressage focuses on the development of a horse and rider as a team, resulting in balance and harmony. Explore the world of para dressage training with the Equestrian+ coaches

  • Western Dressage

    51 items

    Western dressage incorporates the principles of dressage into a progressive system of training for Western horses and riders with the purpose of enjoying a safe, pleasurable, versatile and useful working horse.