Explore the basic dressage fundamentals that can benefit all breeds and types of horses.

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  • Training Level with an OTTB

    Kasey works with a rider on an OTTB. They focus on keeping a steady contact and concentrate on the hind end coming under him, which allows the horse to settle into the contact. They try shallow changes in direction and big circles to help him start to bend but still keep the balance and contact s...

  • Riding an Andalusian-Arabian Walk Warm-up

    Laura rides an Andalusian-Arabian that has shown through Grand Prix. With this mare, Laura works on a quick response in the walk lateral work to keep the horses attention. Laura once again goes into detail on the aids she uses and how the horse is responding to them. She focuses on a quick respon...

  • Riding an Andalusian-Arabian Stretchy Circle

    Laura explains the purpose of the stretchy circle and how to ride it properly. She starts with riding a correct 20-meter circle at a working trot and then demonstrates a proper stretchy trot. She stresses that accurate geometry is as important as the actual stretch. She also talks about what can ...

  • Riding an Andalusian-Arabian Rein Back

    Laura explains the mechanics and purpose of rein back. She stresses that the halt must be good before asking for rein back. Going forward four steps and back four steps really helps make sure the horse is being honest. Laura then demonstrates how to fix common problems.

  • Riding an Andalusian-Arabian Piaffe and Passage

    Laura shows a variety of ways to create piaffe. She first demonstrates and explains how rein back can turn into piaffe, and then she shows it developing from walk. She shows how to teach that piaffe is fun for both horse and rider and not stressful by explaining and demonstrating the aids.

  • Warm-up to Improve the Connection

    Laura rides her Arabian/Oldenberg mare that she has raised and trained herself. The mare has shown through Prix St. Georges but recently has been working more at the lower levels. The horse struggles the most with the connection because she can be busy in the mouth, hides from the connection and...

  • Connection in Shoulder-in

    Laura works on improving the connection in the trot because the horse mouth is busy, and she is a little low in the poll. She works on shoulder-in and goes through the what, how and why of the rider aids and the horse responses. She demonstrates what happens when the rider body gets imbalanced in...

  • Canter Work Focusing on Connection

    Before asking for canter, Laura first makes sure the horse is straight and marching in the walk. She asks for slightly forward on the long side and collecting and balancing in the corner. When the horse loses balance in the canter, she comes to walk, regroups and then goes back to canter.

  • Trot Half Pass and Canter Zig Zag

    Laura goes through the aids for half-pass in detail and then demonstrates the movement at the trot. She also shows what can happen when the rider rides it incorrectly. She takes the trot half pass and moves into a trot zig zag and then takes the same format into the canter zig zag.

  • Upper-Level Schooling with a Quarter Horse Part 1

    Adrienne helps a rider on a Quarter Horse. She says that when some of the quality of the canter or walk is lost, it because the horse got long and flat. She suggests warming up by doing canter/walk transitions to work on getting the horse more compact like a square rather than long like a rectangle.

  • Upper-Level Schooling with a Quarter Horse Part 2

    They continue working on the canter. First the weight needs to shift to the hind legs, and then the horse has to get a little hot. When the horse wants to get flat, the rider must actually bring the horse back instead of chasing him forward. Both horse and rider have to think about coming back. T...

  • Warmup with a Friesian

    Adrienne coaches a rider on a Friesian through a warmup. She emphasizes that the contact should stay even, and that sometimes with this breed, they can get too light in the contact since it is easy for them to get upright and short in the neck. The horse must move out and down into the contact. C...

  • Canter Work with a Friesian

    They move on to canter work, focusing on walk/canter canter/walk transitions. Doing these transitions correctly becomes beneficial when doing flying changes because whatever the horse does in the walk/canter it will usually do in the change. When you close the leg, the horse should go forward and...

  • 2020 Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference - Working with a Lusitano

    In this session, Lauren Sprieser rides a "still developing" 9-year-old Lusitano named Helio. Ashley discusses how Lusitanos have a tendency to hold tension. She helps Lauren work on suppleness and getting more flex in his hocks. While the horse does have some tension, they help him find collectio...

  • OTTB Part 1

    Kasey works with an OTTB who events and would like to work on her right lead canter and transitions. They warm up and work on getting him rounder in the neck and a bit more forward in all three gaits.

  • OTTB Part 2

    Kasey Perry-Glass concentrates on the canter, asking the rider to move him off the inside leg to the outside rein and give when he gives. The right lead depart improves.

  • Mimi Stanley - Dressage for Arabians - Part 1

    Mimi Stanley joins DressageTrainingOnline with this new video featuring the Arabian breed and the specifics of using them in dressage. She demonstrates with her half Arab stallion who is currently showing Third Level, and points out some of the common conformational differences of this breed. T...

  • OTTB Challenges and Issues with Jody Hartstone

    OTTB Challenges and Issues with Jody Hartstone

  • Mimi Stanley - Dressage for Arabians - Part 2

    Mimi goes to the canter and works on lowering and loosening his neck. She shows his walk canter transitions and asks for him to sit a bit more and lower his neck in the transition. Mimi next explains how a tendency of the breed to anticipate what you want can create challenges in the changes. ...

  • OTTB Groundwork with Jody Hartstone

    OTTB Groundwork with Jody Hartstone

  • Senior PSG Arabian Cross, Intro

    Are you lucky enough to be riding a senior upper-level horse? Mimi Stanley guides you through a workout suitable for an aged horse coming back into showing and offers great tips on specific strategies for riding Arabians.

  • Senior PSG Arabian Cross, Part 1 - Warm Up

    Mimi introduces us to her first FEI horse, now 22 and coming back from colic surgery. She describes and demonstrates how she warms up an older horse and what she has to take into consideration in his rehab.

  • Senior PSG Arabian Cross, Part 3 - Schooling Canter Pirouettes

    Mimi talks about Hook career and current training, then returns to the canter and schooling pirouettes.

  • Senior PSG Arabian Cross, Part 5 - Trot Half Pass

    Mimi rides the half pass and gives great tips on the specifics of riding Arabians.