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PHOD General

Watch barn tours, interviews and more featuring your favorite Equestrian+ jumping coaches.

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PHOD General
  • Holly Hugo-Vidal’s Training Philosophy

    Holly shares that she tries to bring out the best in the horses she works with instead of trying to change them to meet her expectations. She explains that her strong points come from the German Training Scale and include focusing on the horse’s relaxation, suppleness and rhythm.

  • Adjusting the Girth While Mounted

    Sloane Coles demonstrates how to correctly adjust your girth while mounted. Again, safety is important. The foot should go forward, but you do not take your foot out of the stirrup. You can adjust it via feel, so you do not have to look down at it.

  • Properly Attaching and Using Draw Reins for Hunters

    Louise explains and demonstrates how to correctly attach and use draw reins for hunter horses. She stresses how important it is to understand when and how to use draw reins since they can cause problems if used incorrectly.

  • Saddle Pad Fit for Hunters

    Louise talks about how some saddle pads that come with wedges can help the horse. They can be cut to fit for the specific horse. It’s important to use proper saddle pads to help keep the horses as comfortable as possible.

  • Adjusting Stirrups While Mounted

    Sloane Coles demonstrates how to properly lengthen and shorten your stirrups while mounted. Again, safety is important, and Sloane says that you never take your foot out of your stirrup. You can adjust the stirrups without doing so.

  • Barn Tour at Unexpected Farm

    Check out Chelsea Canedy unique round barn at Unexpected Farm in Wales, Maine. It has signage to keep people from losing track of where they are, three floors, and a top floor with 360 degree windows.

  • Common Bits for Hunters

    Louise briefly shows a variety of her bits. She often uses different bits at home than at shows and always has bits available to try in order to make the horse comfortable.

  • Six Questions with Chelsea Canedy

    Get to know horsemanship expert, dressage and event rider and trainer Chelsea Canedy of Unexpected Farm in Maine. She explains how she got into horses, her training philosophy and how she handles herself prior to a competition.

  • Stories of Greatness

  • Reins Tutorial - Part 1

    Part 1: International competitor, trainer and coach, Jimmy Wofford gives an in depth demonstration on holding the reins. He addresses a common issue faced by many riders - constantly having to shorten the reins. Jimmy demonstrates a better way to hold the reins with the thumb closed on top, that ...

  • Leg Position Tutorial - Part 1

    Part 1: Yogi Breisner gives a comprehensive tutorial on leg position. He focuses on tightness in the knees, and how it is critical that riders overcome this if they are going to have an effective leg aide. Yogi demonstrates the multitude of ways the leg can be used and the different leg positions...

  • William Fox-Pitt - Featured Banner

    Britain's first World No.1 Eventer, William Fox-Pitt's featured banner.

  • Will a double bridle give me more points

    Will a double bridle give me more points

  • Suppleness, stretch with Christoph Hess

    Suppleness, stretch with Christoph Hess

  • Suppleness, stretch with Christoph Hess

    Suppleness, stretch with Christoph Hess

  • Suppleness, stretch with Christoph Hess

    Suppleness, stretch with Christoph Hess

  • Pony Club Standards & Certifications - Trailer 1

    Trailer for Standards & Certifications session, taught by internationally renowned rider and coach, Asia Thayer. Join Asia in a lecture based setting as she clearly and concisely sheds light on a wealth of information pertinent to certifications. She explains key terms and concepts, and how to vi...

  • Pony Club Standards & Certifications - Part 1

    Part 1: Asia shares some background about herself and introduces the goals of her session - to give a comprehensive guide to standards and certifications in Pony Club. She opens by talking about the different tracks for progression, and how these interact. Asia explains the levels, starting at D ...

  • Pony Club Standards & Certifications - Part 2

    Part 2: Asia discusses some common terms used in Pony Club. She starts with position. By having the class stand up, Asia simulates riding position, and uses this as an exercise to understand balance. She has the class move from a simulated flat position into jumping and back, and demonstrates poi...

  • Pony Club Standards & Certifications - Part 6

    Part 6: Asia focuses on the training scale and explains how this is used to test through the levels. She has the riders stand up and do an exercise that illustrates how the horse is uncomfortable with a hollowed back and subsequently wants to raise their head. Through a series of exercise, Asia i...

  • Pony Club Standards & Certifications - Part 3

    Part 3: Asia begins to explain the foundation of riding position for each of the different track available, including dressage, hunter, western and jumping. She uses images and thorough explanation to illuminate the requirements for each position at each level. Asia explains that regardless of wh...

  • Pony Club Standards & Certifications - Part 4

    Part 4: Asia discusses an often overlooked part of testing - having an appropriate mount. She explains that the mount rider choses to test with can be leased or owned, and it must have the training and skills required for the levels. For example, all horses must be able to stand still for bandagi...

  • Pony Club Standards & Certifications - Part 5

    Part 5: Asia discusses the bandaging portion of testing, including common pitfalls and mistakes she sees as an examiner. The session moves on to cover longeing and the importance of all the aides and technique being correct. Asia discusses areas in the testing that are often weak links, such as r...

  • Phillip Dutton - Featured Banner

    Two time Olympic Gold Medalist, Phillip Dutton's featured banner.