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Riding an Andalusian-Arabian Walk Warm-up


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  • Transitions at the Letter

    Transitions at the letters is another place where accuracy is important, and points are often lost in a dressage test. Laura explains and her rider demonstrates where and how to properly do transitions between and within the gaits at different letters throughout the arena. Straightness and balanc...

  • Identifying Your Horse's Energy Level

    Karen explains that energy level considers factors such as tempo and length of stride. The riders work again on a circle where they take note of the energy level to begin to understand the differences and can feel when the energy is not enough, too much or just right. When it feels right, the rid...

  • Energy and Balance in Transitions

    Next Karen has the riders work on transitions. When the balance and energy feel good in one gait, they move into another gait and then establish a good balance and tempo there. The goal is to achieve that positive energy and tempo as soon as possible after moving to the next gait. Again, praising...