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Shoulder in work.


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  • Riding the Shoulder-In

    Grand Prix trainers and competitors Todd Flettrich and Ruth Hogan-Poulsen discuss and demonstrate riding the shoulder-in. This lateral movement performed on three tracks is excellent for developing engagement, suppleness and freedom of the outside shoulder. They cover the proper aids for riding i...

  • Riding Without Stirrups - Part 5 - Le...

    Axel gives great coaching on achieving a better free walk. They ride leg yields working on keeping the same trot with good rider positioning. Axel explains how to ride the shoulder in with the horse connected to the outside rein.

  • Connected and In Front of the Leg - P...

    They work on having the riders leg in the proper position for shoulder in to get more bend rather than more angle. Lars explains how rider position and the correct use of aids affect all movements.