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PSG Test and commentary with Axel Steiner


Up Next in Prix St. Georges

  • PSG Rehab, Part 4

    They end the session with trot work which is very challenging to sit with his huge, lofty gait so they begin posting. This day proves to be a day for working the lateral movements rather than work on the sitting trot. They work in more of a second level frame to keep him happy in his work at th...

  • PSG Rehab, Part 1

    Chrissa introduces us to Faustus, a horse she presented on DTO in two other videos- Developing the Changes and Frame and Contact. They have had some wins in the Developing PSG classes, but slowed his training to sort out some ulcer issues and are just returning him to work. Chrissa, due to her ...

  • PSG Rehab, Part 2

    They continue in the canter while Chrissa explains true connection and how they use haunches in to help him get his hind end under and his neck softer. They take the time to produce this and then ask for the stretch at the canter. When on a circle he tends to push into her outside aids, Chrissa ...