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The Bend In Transitions 1


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  • The Bend In Transitions 2

    Courtney has the rider move him away from the inside leg and bend before asking for the walk trot transition, helping him bend through the body.  They use this tool for the trot canter transitions also, leaving enough room to move him sideways.

  • The Bend In Transitions 3

    After a walk break they reschool having him move forward off a whisper of an aid, and get stronger when he doesn't, and rewarding him when he goes forward.  They use the bend for the trot walk transition, and you can watch his understanding grow.  When they have trouble with the trot canter trans...

  • Straightness and poll position - J.P ...

    JP works with a student on a 4 yr. old Andalusian mare to help her increase straightness and encourage better poll position and contact. Intermixing correct and incorrect diagonals helps the horse achieve all of these things. JP does a nice job of helping the rider feel the difference and shows h...