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Position of the Ribcage Part 1


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  • Position of the Ribcage Part 2

    Laura has them work on the walk while the mare catches her breath, and gives great tips on riding the transitions from the walk to the free walk.  When they return to the trot they perform a shoulder fore.  They use counter flexion to bring her shoulders to the inside.  Laura helps him correctly ...

  • Straightness First - Part 1

    The horse in the arena is barely 5 years old. As the pair warm up, Catherine explains how the rider controls the length of stride and asks her to do transitions within the trot. They do some canter work and then Catherine has the rider demonstrate putting her horse in a stretchy trot rather than ...

  • Straightness First - Part 2

    Catherine talks about the walk and the purpose of the bit in dressage, as well as the common mistake of riding with the hands very wide. In the sitting trot she talks about where the rider should sit, and how this rider works on the sitting trot. The rider demonstrates a working trot seat and a c...