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Tips for Warmup on the Flat for Jumpers

Jumping • 7m 55s

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  • Trot Warmup for Jumpers

    When warming up a jumper horse, Ronny wants the hind end really moving and coming up underneath the horse. In addition, there needs to be a soft connection in front to allow the head, neck and shoulder to move freely and allow the hind end to step under.

  • Breakdown of Riding Aids and Body Bal...

    Ronny considers the riding aids as the natural ones we have – the rider’s body (which should receive the biggest emphasis), the rider’s leg and the rider’s hand (which should receive the least emphasis). The rider’s body balance is the strongest aid on the horse.

  • Confidence Through Rhythm

    Ronny states that confidence for the horse can come through the rider maintaining a steady rhythm. He shows an exercise with two triangles of ground poles, which help the rider see how straight and rhythmical the horse is in the approach. The focus is on a forward rhythm while keeping the horse s...