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Seeing a Distance Part 1: Maintaining Rhythm Over a Ground Pole

Hunters/Equitation • 4m 27s

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  • Rein Length and Shortening Reins

    Holly describes how rein length needs to allow a rider to make downward transitions while maintaining the hand position slightly above and in front of the horse’s withers. The rider shortens the reins by pulling the rein through the opposite hand as opposed to “nibbling” the hands up the reins.

  • Rider Position: Full Seat and Half Seat

    Holly describes different types of seats—three-point, two-point, a light seat and the driving seat. For galloping and jumping, a rider can use the two-point to encourage freedom off the horses’ back. A rider can lower to a light seat through the turns on a course to help balance a horse.

  • Rider Position: Hands and Arms

    Holly explains the hands’ primary and secondary grips on the reins and their placement—slightly above and in front of the withers. There is a bend in the elbow, which acts as a hinge to allow for a relaxed arm and following, yet still, hand.