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Rider Position: Stirrup-Iron Placement

Hunters/Equitation • 2m 12s

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  • Rider Aids: Leg and Spur to Go Forward

    To ask a horse to go forward, the rider squeezes with her leg. If she doesn’t get the desired effect, she turns her toe out to use the spur, what Holly describes as “telling” the horse to move forward. If a rider uses the leg and spur together, it will make the horse numb to the aid.

  • Rider Aids: Slowing Down a Horse

    Holly explains how a rider can use her body weight to slow a strong horse. To ask a horse to slow down, first the rider would close her hand. If he didn’t respond, she would then close her hand and bend her elbow. If that didn’t work, she would lean back, being careful not to drive with her seat.

  • Related Distances on Straight Lines

    Holly Hugo explains a related distance between two fences in a line. If a rider meets the first jump of the line perfectly, she may just need to maintain the horse’s balance down the line and jump the center of the second fence. But if she meets the first jump short or long, she needs to adjust t...