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Stadium Clinic - Part 12

7m 55s

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    Part 13: Allison instructs the riders on using their body on the approach to the fence. She explains that this helps the horse bend and have confidence to take off. Working over a small fence, riders finesse their aids and timing to achieve more quality gaits on the approach. This leads to a bett...

  • Stadium Clinic - Part 14

    Part 14: Allison helps the riders apply the principles from the leg yield exercise to a line of gymnastic jumps. A fresh horse gives Allison the opportunity to remind the riders of the importance of their line of sight and keeping their horse in the motion with them, when he wants to get quick.

  • Stadium - Part 1

    Part 1: Jimmy allows the riders to introduce themselves and their horses. The group consists of a majority of green horses at the baby novice and novice level. He explains that the session will be pitched accordingly. The riders warm up. Jimmy has them adjust their stirrup leathers to an appropri...