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Lateral suppleness - Part 4

6m 23s

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    Olympic eventer, Bettina Hoy, joins with this excellent dressage video covering problems common to so many riders - getting the horses more active and responsive. Watch this great lesson for a cavalletti exercise you can do at home and great instruction on how to pro...

  • Lateral Suppleness - Part 5

    They now move on to the canter making sure first that they can go forward and then collect. The progression is to the counter canter next, spiraling in and out and walk/canter, canter/walk transitions. They go back to the turn on the haunches and the medium trot and shoulder-in.

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    Bettina schools them at the walk, asking for the proper energy and self carriage. She is very particular about the walk trot transition, and in the trot canter they use a 10m circle to prepare. By the end of the lesson the horse is noticeably more in self carriage.