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Alignment & Balance - Part 2


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  • Alignment & Balance - Part 3

    As they progress to canter, the mare has issues being relaxed and reverts back to tossing her head. Asia coaches the rider to stay relax and continue to apply counter flexion when the horse is in attentive. She discusses the importance of not holding an aid and respecting the release for reward. ...

  • Alignment & Balance - Part 4

    As the mare relaxes into the canter, Asia is able to add a small fence to the exercise. She explains that shortening the stride is completely dependent on the horse's ability to flex in their hocks and their stifles. As the rider starts to lift the horse's shoulder and keep the alignment this com...

  • Alignment & Balance - Part 1

    Part 1: Asia works with a rider whose horse  gets her neck so short that it's very hard to get her to use her back and hind end. She explains that though the mare has good energy, the rider now we needs to get relaxation. If a horse is tense and tight, then likely they're not in balance and or ve...