18 Seasons

Learn more about specific movements, from training and fine-tuning to troubleshooting.

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  • Grand Prix Movements Canter Zig Zag

    Episode 1

    In the canter zig zag, Laura reminds the rider that in order not to feel rushed, the horse must start moving sideways immediately. She has the rider work on getting the horse sharp off the sideways leg. The horse has to get hot and sharp without charging forward.

  • Grand Prix Canter Zig Zag

    Episode 2

    Laura suggests they start with canter half pass to test the bending and sideways movement. Then they move on to the zig zag. She wants the rider to make sure she understands the difference between moving sideways and going straight to help make sure they cover the same amount of ground and keep t...

  • Trot Half Pass and Canter Zig Zag

    Episode 3

    Laura goes through the aids for half-pass in detail and then demonstrates the movement at the trot. She also shows what can happen when the rider rides it incorrectly. She takes the trot half pass and moves into a trot zig zag and then takes the same format into the canter zig zag.

  • Canter Half Pass and Zig-Zag

    Episode 4

    Grand Prix trainer and competitor Lauren Sprieser demonstrates exercises useful for developing canter half pass and the zig zag movement first seen in Fourth Level. Lauren does shoulder-in to counter shoulder-in in canter and then half pass to counter shoulder-in before attempting the zig zag. Sh...

  • Canter Zig Zag and Tempi Changes

    Episode 5

    FEI 5* Judge Janet Foy helps a rider on a Quarter Horse with canter zig zag. The changeovers need to be forward thinking, but then the horse really needs to bend and go sideways to improve the movement. Then they work on tempi changes emphasizing straightness. The rider must sit still in the body...

  • Canter Zig-Zag

    Episode 6

    Catherine Haddad demonstrates how to ride the canter zig-zag with additional emphasis on collected canter and leg yield.

  • Canter Zig-Zag, Part 1

    Episode 7

    Catherine Haddad brings us an expert lesson on riding the canter zig-zag and the skills required to perform this tricky movement. She demonstrates several excellent exercises to give the rider the control needed for the zig-zag, including leg yielding and then half passing from the quarterline to...

  • Canter Zig-Zag, Part 2

    Episode 8

    Catherine demonstrates what happens when there isn't the one stride of straightening in the zig-zag before asking for the change. She also shows the pitfalls of having the horse too tight in the neck and overbent and offers her solution. She talks about the importance of the leg yield and having ...