18 Seasons

Learn more about specific movements, from training and fine-tuning to troubleshooting.

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  • Steffen Peters – Schooling an Upper-Level Pony – Day 2 Trot Work

    Episode 1

    Trot work is saved for the end of the ride. Steffen Peters and the clinic rider try schooling some passage, half-pass and half-steps that are in front of the leg. If the pony starts to lag in the tempo or cadence, Steffen suggests freshening the trot with a few steps of rising trot or even canter...

  • Steffen Peters – Schooling an Upper-Level Pony – Day 2 Flying Changes

    Episode 2

    Steffen Peters and the clinic rider move on to canter half-pass and flying changes with the German Sport Pony. Steffen’s top priority is energy and suppleness. Collection is secondary. The half-pass should be forward-thinking. He wants the rider to wait and make sure the pony is very straight bef...

  • Half Pass - Part 2

    Episode 3

    Gary gives suggestions for her leg and hand position during a walk break, and when they start up in the walk again he asks for deeper corners and a little quicker tempo than she offers. He emphasizes riding straight, then getting bend before turning in the corners or on a circle. In the sitting t...

  • Free the Shoulders in the Half Pass

    Episode 4

    A young rider asks how to best free the shoulder in the half pass.

  • Rider Position in Canter Half-Pass

    Episode 5

    FEI 5* Judge Janet Foy works with a rider on a strong, forward-thinking horse. In the second part of the lesson, they focus on collecting the canter in half pass. The horse changes leads frequently, and they have to work through the issue. Janet realizes the rider leg is inadvertently asking for ...

  • Trot Half Pass and Canter Zig Zag

    Episode 6

    Laura goes through the aids for half-pass in detail and then demonstrates the movement at the trot. She also shows what can happen when the rider rides it incorrectly. She takes the trot half pass and moves into a trot zig zag and then takes the same format into the canter zig zag.

  • Third Level – Day 2 - Trot Half Pass

    Episode 7

    To prepare for half pass, Laura suggests starting with some shoulder-in and haunches-in. On the stiffer side, to have an easy half-pass, you have to be able to ride the body of the horse on the line while being able to bend the horse without changing the line. The neck is separate from the should...

  • Day 2 Second Level Half Pass

    Episode 8

    To finish the ride, they work on schooling a half pass in trot. As they go on a line, Laura wants the horse bent but with enough energy that the rider feels like the horse is carrying her forward without the rider having to push for it. The movement is difficult because the horse has to go in the...

  • Shoulder-In and Half Pass in Trot

    Episode 9

    FEI 5* Judge Janet Foy provides tips on riding trot shoulder-in and half pass. In a well-schooled horse, the rider outside leg does not need to be driving the entire time. Instead, the inside leg creates engagement, cadence and forward impulsion. She also reminds us that we in the training, we do...

  • Canter Half Pass

    Episode 10

    FEI 5* Judge Janet Foy helps a rider school canter half pass. The horse tends to not be forward enough and gets too low and tries to do a flying change upon returning to the wall. Janet insists they ride forward and in counter canter until she asks for the change, which improves the horse respons...

  • Consistent Connection, Part 4 - Trot Half Pass

    Episode 11

    In this video, they incorporate the previous exercises for a much more connected trot half pass. Scott gives them even more lateral exercises to improve the contact.

  • Senior PSG Arabian Cross, Part 5 - Trot Half Pass

    Episode 12

    Mimi rides the half pass and gives great tips on the specifics of riding Arabians.

  • Senior PSG Arabian Cross, Part 6 - Canter Half Pass

    Episode 13

    Mimi finishes with the canter half pass and a canter zig zag.

  • Straightness, canter half pass, trot half pass

    Episode 14

    The trot work begins with shoulder in and haunches in.  In the half pass they go from the wall to centerline, go straight for a few steps and then continue in the half pass, keeping his shoulder in line with his haunches.  Laura helps her with his head tilt and they go over how important the stra...

  • Trot Half Pass Intro

    Episode 15

    Ireland's Olympian Judy Reynolds helps this rider build the foundations for Third Level with a focus on the trot half pass. In this 5-part series, Judy offers great tips for those working on leg yields and lateral work to prepare for the half pass, as well as critical points on the correct half p...

  • Trot Half Pass, Part 1

    Episode 16

    Judy Reynolds encourages forward gaits with more bending in the corners in the warm up.

  • Trot Half Pass, Part 2

    Episode 17

    Judy works on having the rider go from extended to medium walk in fewer strides.

  • Trot Half Pass, Part 3

    Episode 18

    Judy has them ride leg yields and shoulder in at the trot to prepare for the half pass.

  • Trot Half Pass, Part 4

    Episode 19

    Next, Judy helps the pair work through the details of riding a correct half pass.

  • Trot Half Pass, Part 5

    Episode 20

    Finally, they work on straightness in the canter by riding quarterlines.

  • Training with Ernst Hoyos

    Episode 21

    Lisa rides the 9 year old Gallant Reflection HU (Reef) as Ernst coaches her. They are preparing for their first Developing Grand Prix qualifier the next weekend.

  • Transitions, Postition, Straightness and Half Pass with Jan Brink

    Episode 22

    Transitions, Postition, Straightness and Half Pass with Jan Brink

  • Transitions, Postition, Straightness and Half Pass with Jan Brink

    Episode 23

    Transitions, Postition, Straightness and Half Pass with Jan Brink

  • Transitions within the gaits, half pass, and lateral work part 1

    Episode 24

    Transitions within the gaits, half pass, and lateral work