18 Seasons

Learn more about specific movements, from training and fine-tuning to troubleshooting.

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  • Day 2 Second Level Turn on the Haunches

    Episode 1

    In the turn on the haunches, Laura wants the rider to feel like there is enough energy to go to trot. The hind legs have to be going up and down under the horse belly not sideways. The front legs are going around. As the circle gets smaller, the tempo and quality should stay the same.

  • Walking the Magic Square

    Episode 2

    Grand Prix competitor AnnA Buffini shows how to introduce your horse to the idea of riding a square. Practicing it at a walk shows your horse tendencies but gives you more time to adjust compared to doing it at a canter. The goal is for the horse to be straight on the lines and bending through th...

  • Riding the Magic Square with a Lower-Level Horse

    Episode 3

    Grand Prix competitor AnnA Buffini demonstrates riding a square on a 4-year-old mare. With a young, or lower-level horse, the focus of the exercise is on straight lines and bending through the turns, which helps teach the horse how to balance back, how to turn and how to go forward off both legs....

  • Riding Without Stirrups - Part 3 - Turn on the Haunches, Rein Back

    Episode 4

    Axel now has her ride turns on the haunches and the rein back.