Mental Game

Mental Game

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Mental Game
  • Show Preparation 2

    Nancy discusses how the rider can learn from their performance and improve their score at the next show, and how this drives the training.  She shares her own experiences in setting goals for a particular show and how to grow as a rider.

  • Show Preparation 1

    Nancy Later Lavoie talks about her approach to showing and gives great advice on how to make your show experience more enjoyable.  She first talks about setting realistic goals and showing at the appropriate level.  She offer tips on how to school the tests at home and how to deal with problems t...

  • Guided Meditation with Chelsea Canedy

    Chelsea leads a short, guided meditation to realign after a hectic day or get started at the beginning of the day. She helps get you to a place where you can find stillness and internal quiet and locate that gratitude for your horse and your time with him/her.

  • Dealing with Show Nerves

    Holly shares how she had to fight nerves as a competitor and how she handled them, including making sure to breathe deeply, visualizing how she had to ride the course and focusing on what her horse needed.