Liz Halliday-Sharp

Liz Halliday-Sharp

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Liz Halliday-Sharp
  • Leg On Trailer

    Liz Halliday-Sharp brings us a cross country schooling session where she helps a talented horse and rider combination work through a stop they’d had at a previous show. By encouraging the rider to keep her leg on for instant communication they successfully navigate water, ditches, corners and a s...

  • Leg On - Part 1

    Liz Halliday-Sharp joins with this cross country school with a Training rider and horse building a new relationship. Liz starts out by riding and schooling him through the water where he’d had a stop at his previous show. She finds that he takes over and then backs off, so sh...

  • Leg On - Part 2

    The rider remounts after advice on what bit to try with him. As they jump their first few fences, Liz stresses that they keep it calm with her leg wrapped around him. She explains that for angles, skinnies and corners, she should never tip her shoulders forward until the front feet leave the grou...

  • Leg On - Part 3

    On to the water! They begin by jumping a rolltop into the water and walking while still in the water. They jump a couple of different lines in the water with fences both in and out and then go to ditches and a sunken road. Liz continues to remind her to keep a feel with her legs, so they are ther...

  • Warm-up Over Fences for Event Horses

    Liz helps riders warm-up over fences for stadium jumping. She emphasizes keeping leg on into, over and after the jumps and that the riders need to make sure they release enough over the fence. They do several different lines to work on balance, rhythm and straightness.

  • Schooling a Jumper Course with a Young Event Horse

    After the warmup, Liz coaches the rider through stadium jumping courses. She advises that she think about what type of canter she needs going into the different lines. The rider also needs to squeeze with the hand and not hold the horse and release over the jump to give the horse more freedom ove...

  • Riding a Bounce

    Liz helps two riders execute a bounce correctly. She suggests making sure the lower leg is on to offer the horse support through the element. The riders need to stay tall and allow with the hand in order to stay with the horse over the jumps.

  • Schooling a Jumper Course for Event Horses - Part 1

    After their warmup, Liz coaches two riders through stadium jumping courses. She advises that they think about what type of canter they need going into the different lines. The courses are combinations of forward distances as well as shorter distances where the horses need to collect.

  • Over Fences Warm-Up with a Young Event Horse

    Later in the day, Liz goes back to the horse and rider pair that did dressage work to do a brief stadium jumping session. In this video, they warm up over a vertical and oxer. Liz stresses to have the canter organized before the jumps so that the horse can be relaxed and easily meet the fences. T...

  • Schooling a Jumper Course for Event Horses - Part 2

    In the second part of this lesson, Liz raises the jumps and changes the course to challenge the horses and riders more. She still advises that they think about what type of canter they need going into the different lines. It could be different after the fence heights go up. The courses include be...

  • Dressage Walk/Trot Warm-Up for a Young Event Horse

    Liz works with a rider and her young event horse. As the pair warms up, they focus on transitions to help him engage his hind legs and bring more weight off the front end. They also do 3-loop serpentines to help the horse understand bend, going straight and then changing the bend.

  • Improving Suppleness - Trailer

    International eventing star Liz Halliday-Sharp brings us a wonderful dressage lesson concentrating on suppleness and a round frame. She uses lateral work to keep the horse from locking up and losing flexibility.

  • Dressage Canter Work for A Young Event Horse

    Olympic medalist David O'Connor works with Sinead Halpin to demonstrate that the rider's seat dictates the tempo and the length of stride. He explains that altering the tempo of their posting, the rider can influence the tempo of the horse's trot and his stride length. This creates smoother movem...

  • Warm-up Over Fences for Cross Country

    After warming up on the flat, they move on to some fences. Liz emphasizes that the rider should feel like the horse's hind legs are taking her somewhere. She needs to keep her leg on, sit up tall and maintain a feel of the horse's mouth at all times.

  • Warm-up on the Flat for Cross Country

    Before heading out to the cross country course, Liz has the rider work on the flat. By addressing things like bend, balance and tempo now, the rider will have a more manageable horse on course. She needs to establish a forward canter but still maintain contact with the reins. It is also important...

  • Power and Straightness Over Cross Country Fences

    After warming up on the flat and over fences, the team heads to the cross country jumps, including a water feature. Liz emphasizes needing power and straightness, especially when the rider has a problem with a skinny jump after the water. The rider needs more leg than she thinks, but not for spee...

  • Schooling a Jumper Course with a Young Event Horse 

    As they continue the stadium jumping school Liz has the pair go through an entire course They do straight and bending lines with different stride lengths to challenge his ability to go forward and balance back Liz reminds the rider to soften the horse and bend through the turns to keep his body m...