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Find training geared toward a specific level, from Intro to Grand Prix.

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  • 2023 Purpose of the Levels - Fourth Level

    Episode 1

    FEI 5* judge Janet Foy recites the Purpose of the Level for Fourth Level and discusses changes that were made to the Fourth Level tests.

  • 2023 Fourth Level Test 1

    Episode 2

    The 2023 Fourth Level Test 1 is demonstrated. Mike Osinski scores and comments on the test.

  • 2023 Fourth Level Test 2

    Episode 3

    The 2023 Fourth Level Test 2 is demonstrated. Kari McClain scores and comments on the test.

  • 2023 Fourth Level Test 3

    Episode 4

    The 2023 Fourth Level Test 3 is demonstrated. Mike Osinski scores and comments on the test.

  • Improving Suppleness and Sensitivity Part 1

    Episode 5

    Steffen emphasizes that a rider should not have to constantly ride with a strong contact and leg. While it is easy for the rider to carry the horse, it is okay if the horse makes a mistake and breaks gait. If that happens, the rider can fix it. When you ask for the horse to go forward or move lat...

  • Improving Suppleness and Sensitivity Part 2

    Episode 6

    In the trot, they work to find the most productive frame for the horse where he stays elastic. Because the horse is against the right rein and leg, Steffen wants the rider to focus more on counterflexion when going to the left, including through the short side. In the training, the horse doesnt a...

  • Improving Suppleness and Sensitivity Part 3

    Episode 7

    They go to canter to improve the horse forward energy. While lengthening the frame is easy for him, Steffen wants the rider to work on collecting the canter. They go slightly forward and back in the canter to get the horse to briefly go forward. The second the horse gets too strong in the lengthe...

  • Improving Suppleness and Sensitivity Part 4

    Episode 8

    They continue in the canter work. Steffen wants the rider to do travers in canter. It is difficult for the horse, so they go back and do the same movement in walk before trying again in canter. This exercise will also help improve the canter half pass.

  • Improving Suppleness and Sensitivity Part 5

    Episode 9

    The last part of the ride focuses on trot work. Steffen wants a higher level of collection in the trot so they work on doing a few half-steps. They come back briefly to the walk, but Steffen wants the horse to quickly go back to the trot all while still staying supple in the bridle. They work sli...

  • Fourth Level Warm-up

    Episode 10

    In the warm-up, Laura suggests doing long diagonal lines with bending, making sure the horse is off the inside leg. The horse should feel equally soft and supple going straight as on a curved line. It is important to establish that suppleness on both sides at the beginning of the ride.

  • Fourth Level Flying Changes

    Episode 11

    They start with canter leg yield into counter canter. Then when the balance is good, the horse isnt running through the hand and is relaxed in the counter canter, the rider can ask for the change.

  • Fourth Level Canter Pirouette

    Episode 12

    They start working in collected canter. The more collected the horse becomes, the more important the contact is. It important to find an easy canter on contact on a small circle. If the horse breaks to trot, the rider needs to make a quick correction. When the rider gets a good moment, then the h...

  • Fourth Level Schooling Piaffe

    Episode 13

    When schooling piaffe, the horse needs to close the trot with the muscles flexed. The rider needs to hold the contact and ride the horse up to that. If the horse is willing to hold the contact, he can come back into a more collected trot. The horse is brought back little by little until the rider...

  • Advanced Lateral Work Part 1

    Episode 14

    In this clinic session, Shannon works with a rider focusing on suppling through lateral work. They warm-up in walk doing half pass, haunches-in, renvers and walk pirouette. The horse tends to hide behind the vertical so Shannon recommends riding him more forward than the rider thinks she needs to...

  • Advanced Lateral Work Part 2

    Episode 15

    They continue to work on the canter half pass and haunches-in on a circle. In a short-coupled horse, you need to create more bend behind the saddle instead of in front of the saddle. The goal with repetition is that each time it gets a little bit better and be sure to reward the horse when he res...

  • Advanced Lateral Work Part 3

    Episode 16

    Going to the right, they work on the same elements. It is important to keep the energy in the canter, but it needs to be more up and down than moving forward. Shannon suggests that if it too easy, the rider isnt challenging themselves enough. Coming out of a movement is as much of a transition as...

  • Jan Lamontagne and Kentucky - Day 2

    Episode 17

    David Hunt works with Jan Lamontagne, a USDF Bronze and Silver Medalist riding her own Kentucky. Kentucky is a seven-year-old Dutch Warmblood gelding imported as a three-year-old from Holland. They have also participated in the Markel/USEF Young Horse Emerging Program.

  • Symposium: Day 1, Fourth Level

    Episode 18

    Steffen reminds us that we need to educate our horses to the proper understanding and result of a half halt.

  • Symposium: Day 2, Fourth Level

    Episode 19

  • Consistent Connection, Intro

    Episode 20

    International trainer Scott Hassler encourages this beautiful pair to find the fine balance between consistent connection and impulsion. Watch this 5-part series for a great example of how to maintain contact and produce beautiful movements and gaits.

  • Fourth/PSG - Part Two - Canter Pirouettes

    Episode 21

    Judy gives them tips on keeping the quickness behind in the pirouette.

  • Consistent Connection, Part 1 - Warm Up

    Episode 22

    Scott watches this pair warm up and looks for them to relax and show swing through the back.

  • Fourth/PSG - Part Three - Tempi Changes

    Episode 23

    They use the quarter lines to check for straightness and Judy helps her with distinct aids for the change.

  • Consistent Connection, Part 2 - Canter Half Pass

    Episode 24

    Scott offers great exercises to help the rider keep a more consistent connection in both reins. They work on her seat aids to keep the mare from breaking to the trot.