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Find training geared toward a specific level, from Intro to Grand Prix.

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  • Kasey Perry-Glass – Increasing the Sitting Power

    Episode 1

    Olympian Kasey Perry-Glass helps a rider on a Third Level horse who likes to curl around the left side. They increase the engagement of the right hind leg and counter-flex to improve straightness. They also school lateral work in the canter to improve straightness. They practice a single flying c...

  • More Than a Happy Medium - Part 3

    Episode 2

    In the canter Stephen has her think of riding a pirouette canter in the corners and riding forward out. The canter becomes more uphill, and he then has her ride the test again. When asking for shorter quicker steps in the corner at the trot she gets passage, and he helps her work through that. Wi...

  • 2023 Purpose of the Levels - Third Level

    Episode 3

  • 2023 Third Level Test 1

    Episode 4

    The 2023 Third Level Test 1 is demonstrated. Mike Osinski scores and comments on the test.

  • 2023 Third Level Test 2

    Episode 5

    The 2023 Third Level Test 2 is demonstrated. Mike Osinski scores and comments on the test.

  • 2023 Third Level Test 3

    Episode 6

    The 2023 Third Level Test 3 is demonstrated. Kari McClain scores and comments on the test.

  • Third Level Warmup

    Episode 7

    Laura works with a talented third level horse and rider pair. She feels that they can improve overall by increasing his suppleness in all directions. The horse has to be able to move forward through the suppleness without getting tight. Laura also talks about the horse head and neck carriage in t...

  • Third Level - Flying Changes

    Episode 8

    When working on a single flying chance, Laura first wants the canter quality to be there before even thinking about the change. In the change, she talks about starting the new lead, but also having to stop the old lead, which many people dont think about. Unlike other movements, the flying change...

  • Third Level Collected Canter Part 1

    Episode 9

    They begin to work on a very collected canter. Laura says that the horse is responsible for maintaining the collected canter. The rider shouldnt drive the horse forward. If the horse breaks to trot then the rider needs to make a correction. The rider shouldnt fuss or pick at the horse to keep him...

  • Third Level Collected Canter Part 2

    Episode 10

    They continue the collected canter work. Laura says that the rider legs need to be loose even while riding the collected canter. Keeping the outside leg in canter position should be enough. If the horse breaks, that on him. Then the moment the horse rhythm goes from canter to trot is the time to ...

  • Third Level – Day 2 - Trot Half Pass

    Episode 11

    To prepare for half pass, Laura suggests starting with some shoulder-in and haunches-in. On the stiffer side, to have an easy half-pass, you have to be able to ride the body of the horse on the line while being able to bend the horse without changing the line. The neck is separate from the should...

  • Third Level Day 2 - Collected Canter

    Episode 12

    They work on the horse's stiffer side in canter. It is important that the rider not carry the horse. The horse must maintain the energy herself, and if not then the rider needs to let her know. Laura suggests being stricter with the horse but do less. Instead of doing 15 mediocre flying changes, ...

  • Forward and Straight in Flying Changes Part 1

    Episode 13

    In the first part of this video, Shannon helps the rider establish clarity in going forward. It is important to establish forward in the warmup to set the tone for the rest of the ride. The horse must react to the leg by going forward, but also needs to carry himself and not depend on the rider l...

  • Forward and Straight in Flying Changes Part 2

    Episode 14

    In the second part of the ride, they start to work on multiple changes. Shannon stresses that they should not beœtempi changes but rather changes on the line. She does not want the rider to think about a specific number. Instead when the canter is right, ask for a change. That maintains the quali...

  • Improving Reactivity to the Leg

    Episode 15

    FEI 5* Judge Janet Foy works with a rider on making the horse honest to both legs. If the horse isn't responsive to the leg in the walk half pass zig-zag, he definitely won't be in the canter. By exaggerating the change in bend at the walk, the rider has opened up room for the flying change.

  • Riding Up and Out

    Episode 16

    With a horse that has a tendency to get too low and curl, Kasey wants to make sure the rider focuses on the half-halt bringing the horse’s shoulders up and the hindquarters under. However, she wants the half-halt mostly through the seat so that the hand doesn’t take too much and make the horse cu...

  • 2020 Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference - Third Level, Day 1

    Episode 17

    On Day 1, this rider and the 12-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Leopold of Shakespeare, currently showing at Third Level, start their work with Anne Gribbons and then receive input from the other experts. They first work on warming up the horse over his topline and discuss the importance of not going...

  • Suppleness in the Flying Changes

    Episode 18

    Once the horse is moving well in canter, they try some flying changes. Steffen wants to make sure the horse’s energy, balance and suppleness is correct before asking for a change. The changes are clean and straight, but the horse is a little long and low, so Steffen works on having the rider shor...

  • 2020 Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference - Third Level, Day 2

    Episode 19

    In this video, Gary Rockwell starts the session by explaining that we need to think of collection as weight lifting...be smart about it and warm-up properly. The horse wants to be a little hollow to the left. Gary works to help the rider get the horse more equal in both reins. In the second half ...

  • 2020 Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference - Working with a Lusitano

    Episode 20

    In this session, Lauren Sprieser rides a "still developing" 9-year-old Lusitano named Helio. Ashley discusses how Lusitanos have a tendency to hold tension. She helps Lauren work on suppleness and getting more flex in his hocks. While the horse does have some tension, they help him find collectio...

  • Third Level, Day 1

    Episode 21

    German Olympian Dorothee Schneider works with two riders on the half pass and the start of flying changes. When a horse was tense, too high in the neck or behind the rhythm, Dorothee would tell the riders to stretch the horse forward and downward with light contact and used the phraseœtake a seat...

  • Third Level, Day 2

    Episode 22

    Dorothee works with the same riders from Day 1.

  • Felicitas von Neumann-Cosel—Training Scale, Straightness, Part 10

    Episode 23

    Next, Felicitas looks at Straightness from the rider's point of view. She discusses how the rider must feel the imaginary cogwheels that she discussed in the previous video. She attempts to unravel the complexity of this feeling in the turns and helps us understand how to ride this difficult elem...

  • Consistent Connection, Part 4 - Trot Half Pass

    Episode 24

    In this video, they incorporate the previous exercises for a much more connected trot half pass. Scott gives them even more lateral exercises to improve the contact.