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Use the Horse's Rhythm to Help a Rider's Nerves


Up Next in Training Level

  • Working Less To Get More - Part 1

    Jackie talks about feeling the horse's rhythm and how to use body language to encourage a forward walk and trot. Her goal is for the rider to do as little work as possible to get the horse to do what she asks. They work in trot doing circles, leg yield and serpentines.

  • Working Less to Get More – Part 2

    Jackie talks about how to get the horse to be more responsive without the rider resorting to pulling and kicking. They focus on an active walk to a working trot before moving on to warm-up canter. On the 20-meter circle, Jackie has the rider spiral in at trot and leg yield out to step into canter...

  • Dressage for a Jumper

    Dressage is good for jumping horses, too! Kasey coaches a rider on a horse that is typically a jumper. They work on softening his neck and poll and preventing him from getting too low by keeping a steady contact and asking the horse to come up into her hand. The horse tends to get crooked in turn...