Kasey Perry-Glass

Kasey Perry-Glass

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Kasey Perry-Glass
  • Kasey Perry-Glass – Increasing the Sitting Power

    Olympian Kasey Perry-Glass helps a rider on a Third Level horse who likes to curl around the left side. They increase the engagement of the right hind leg and counter-flex to improve straightness. They also school lateral work in the canter to improve straightness. They practice a single flying c...

  • Hot Off the Leg, Part 1 - Trot Lateral Work

    Kasey Perry-Glass coaches this rider through the trot lateral work, making sure this talented horse stays in front of the leg.

  • Riding Up and Out

    With a horse that has a tendency to get too low and curl, Kasey wants to make sure the rider focuses on the half-halt bringing the horse’s shoulders up and the hindquarters under. However, she wants the half-halt mostly through the seat so that the hand doesn’t take too much and make the horse cu...

  • Hot Thoroughbred - Trailer

    Join WEG Silver medalist Dorothy Crowell in this great lesson addressing the ins and outs of riding a hot Thoroughbred. Watch for the tips on body position, breathing, half halts, and down transitions with a horse that has an impressive desire to go forward.

  • 2020 Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference - Working with an Olympian, Day 1

    The experts observe U.S. Olympian Kasey Perry-Glass and Mistico, the 13-year-old Hanoverian gelding, through the warm-up and then the more advanced work, including piaffe and passage. One tip Ashley Holzer shares with the audience is to make an exercise easier for a horse in the hopes that he wil...

  • 2020 Adequan/USDF Trainers Conference - Working with an Olympian, Day 2

    The experts are back with Olympian Kasey Perry-Glass and Mistico.

  • OTTB Part 2

    Kasey Perry-Glass concentrates on the canter, asking the rider to move him off the inside leg to the outside rein and give when he gives. The right lead depart improves.

  • Training Level with an OTTB

    Kasey works with a rider on an OTTB. They focus on keeping a steady contact and concentrate on the hind end coming under him, which allows the horse to settle into the contact. They try shallow changes in direction and big circles to help him start to bend but still keep the balance and contact s...

  • Leg Yields and Roundness - Part Three - Canter Work

    Kasey has them use walk canter transitions to get him more responsive off the leg. They continue the work of getting him more round and through.

  • 5 Year Old - Part Two

    Kasey Perry-Glass joins DressageToday with a wonderful session with a green 5 year old searching for better connection and canter departs. Her kind and patient training helps this pair smooth out their departs, create better transitions and improve their stretchy trot.

  • 5 Year Old - Part One

    We join Kasey and this rider on a 5 year old after a trot warm up. They work on his canter transitions, straightness in the canter, and consistent contact.

  • Dressage for a Jumper

    Dressage is good for jumping horses, too! Kasey coaches a rider on a horse that is typically a jumper. They work on softening his neck and poll and preventing him from getting too low by keeping a steady contact and asking the horse to come up into her hand. The horse tends to get crooked in turn...

  • Improving the Energy

    Kasey wants the rider to focus on the horse’s reaction to her leg and her half-halt because she wants the reaction to be quicker. They utilize transitions to help improve the horse’s reaction. They continue to add to the horse’s momentum until he is carrying himself and maintaining the rhythm.

  • Forward Off the Leg

    Kasey wants the rider to be able to get a reaction from her horse when she puts her leg on. That way she can be more passive with her leg until she needs to use it. She suggests changes of direction to encourage changes in bend and reaction off the leg. They continue to work on staying straight a...

  • Leg Yield and Roundness - Part Two - Leg Yields

    They work on the leg yield first at the walk and then the trot while focusing on straightness.

  • Leg Yields and Roundness - Part One - Rounder in the Trot

    Kasey helps this pair find a rounder frame without losing the impulsion. As they move to the canter Kasey encourages the rider to use more leg in her half halts.