Health/Stable Management

Health/Stable Management

Get tips and learn skills to help keep your horse healthy and happy.

Health/Stable Management
  • A discussion on Equine Digestive Health Part 1

    A discussion on Equine Digestive Health

  • Evan Donadt's Pro Grooming Tips

    Learn the grooming strategies of Evan Donadt, professional groom of Donadt Dressage. The social media personality behind EvanGrooms, Evan shares his grooming routine—with splashes of fun and humor thrown in—and gives tips to help you groom like a pro. He covers hoof care, checking a horse’s legs,...

  • Laurie Pitts – Applying a Standing Wrap

    Laurie Pitts shows how to put on two different types of a standing wraps: the first is a cotton-filled under layer and a flannel outer wrap. The second is a foam-filled under layer and nylon outer wrap. She also discusses liniments to use under the wrap. SAFETY NOTE: As Laurie explains, crouching...

  • Laurie Pitts – Applying a Poultice Wrap

    A poultice wrap involves applying a clay-based product onto a horse’s leg, wetting it and then covering it with brown paper and a standing wrap. It cools the leg as it dries, tightening tendons and ligaments. In this video, Laurie Pitts demonstrates how to put on a poultice wrap. SAFETY NOTE: As ...

  • Laurie Pitts – Applying a Sweat Wrap

    A sweat wrap includes medicine applied directly onto a horse’s leg, which is covered with a plastic wrap and then a standing wrap. Demonstrating how to apply one, Laurie Pitts explains that the plastic wrap generates heat, helping to tighten the leg, and what types of injuries it treats. SAFETY N...

  • Bathing the Horse

    Laurie walks through her tried-and-true process of bathing a horse, sharing tips and tricks. These include what to look for in a good horse shampoo, types of tools to use for soaping and scraping off water, why she uses ear plugs, the ideal water temperature and how to get water off a horse’s legs.

  • Washing the Mane

    When washing a horse’s mane, Laurie explains using your fingers to work the soap to the skin on the crest. She also shares how to avoid leaving the mane slippery and difficult to braid.

  • Washing the Tail

    Starting with a pre-wash, Laurie shows how to deep clean a horse’s tail. She demonstrates thoroughly cleaning the tail, getting all the way to the often-forgotten tailbone. She ends by demonstrating how to comb out a tail, protecting each hair.SAFETY NOTE: As Laurie says in the video, you always ...

  • Cleaning White Socks

    Laurie describes her system for keeping white socks and tails sparkling clean. Step-by-step, she demonstrates how she washes a horse’s socks regularly to keep stains from setting. She then explains how she uses a bluing shampoo, followed by a bluing rinse, before a competition for an extra pop of...

  • Cleaning Tack – Stage 1

    Laurie talks about her unique system for tack cleaning which starts with removing dirt with an ammoniawater mix After soaking the bit to loosen dirt on it she cleans it and then the bridle focusing on the parts that touch the horse She also shares her thoughts on oiling new tack and how to care f...

  • Cleaning Tack – Stage 2

    Laurie shares her method of conditioning tack including her tip for making sure not to dry out the tack She also goes over polishing the bit and how she ties up the bridle so it hangs nicely She shares why she like cleaning tack and a story about a special leather lead shank that she took to the ...

  • How to Clean and Apply Ointment on Minor Wounds

    How confidence affects how we ride - Colleen Kelly

  • How to Wrap a Hoof

    How to use the Double Bridle - Hilda Gurney

  • Veterinary Breeding Updates - Part 2

    Veterinary Breeding Updates

  • Veterinary Breeding Updates - Part 1

    Veterinary Breeding Updates

  • Veterinary Breeding Updates - Part 2

    Veterinary Breeding Updates

  • How to Give Oral Medications

  • How to Safely Examine an Eye

  • Hind Leg Releases

    Jim explains and demonstrates leg releases which will help the pelvis drop and stretch. Pay attention to what the horse is doing so you know if they are uncomfortable, and you lessen the chance of being kicked. Moving the leg towards the midline will help the stifle relax, and stifle issues can r...

  • Demo Work on a Horse's Hind End Part 1

    Jim explains and demonstrates some of his methods for addressing the hind end on an older horse with some stiffness issues. He explains the six points in the hind end to search for responses. He also talks about signs of release that he looks for which is indictive of the release of tension.

  • Introduction to the Masterson Method

    Jim gives an overall explanation of his Masterson Method, what it is and how it works. He talks about his background and how he got to do what he does. He was intrigued by the changes in the horse and started experimenting with it to develop it into the program he has today.

  • Measuring Capillary Refill Time